bookStress Free in 30 Days
by Charles Linden

Hay House Publishing 2013

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Charles Linden’s Stress Free in 30 Days offers simple, fast and targeted guidance to show readers how to quickly and permanently eliminate stress from their lives, regardless of its cause.

FREE CD packed with powerful relaxations, visualizations and more

As an added bonus, the book is accompanied by an audio CD containing visualizations for deep relaxation, empowerment, confidence and sleep, all of which will help reduce stress and speed up your recovery.

Whether your stress is work or home related, this book will introduce techniques to reduce your symptoms. Charles Linden’s Stress Free in 30 Days programme is presented here in the most simple, structured and accessible form for people of all ages.



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 The DVD Set of The TV Series

Charles Linden’s Stress Free in 30 Days DVD offers simple, fast and targeted guidance to show viewers how to quickly and permanently eliminate stress from their lives, regardless of its cause.

Whether your stress is work or home related, this DVD introduces tools to reduce your symptoms and provides tips to see you through the challenging times in the most simple, structured and accessible and form for people of all ages.

With advice on everything from diet, exercise routine and establishing healthy sleep patterns to eliminating panic attacks and balancing relationships, these proven techniques, delivered by Charles in his characteristic down-to-earth and calm style, will help speed up your recovery and get you feeling great again.


151121211TT00002_Looper_Ope…a 45 year old Worcestershire chap who’s provided resources and solutions to millions of people !

Charles is widely regarded as the world’s leading anxiety recovery expert and is one of the most accomplished self help authors in the world having sold well over 250,000 Linden Method programs, books, CDs and DVDs.

From 1968 till 1997, Charles Linden was plagued with stress, anxiety, OCD and agoraphobia but in 1997 he changed his life forever.

Charles discovered the cure for high anxiety conditions that quickly led him to peace and ultimate fulfilment. He didn’t know what it was to be anxiety free but now, 16 years later, Charles has shown in excess of 200,000 anxious people how to find peace and fulfilment and millions more through books, retreats, webinars, CDs and other programs.

Charles is expert of choice to TV, newspapers, magazines, radio, actors, musicians, sports-people and organisations around the world and his Linden Method Anxiety Recovery program, his residential Retreats and Workshops and his online coaching are accessed by tens of thousands of anxious and stressed people each year.

Charles’ team of qualified anxiety recovery specialists, psychologists and psychotherapists provide seamless support to over 8,000 active home learning clients with a focus on full and permanent eleviation of anxiety disorders, not anxiety management or coping strategies.

Anxiety Recovery Retreats & Workshops

Linden Anxiety Recovery Retreats and Workshops run monthly throughout the year, with, at least 3 events each month. For more informatio about these events, CLICK HERE

The Linden Method Home Learning Programs

For more information about The Linden Method or to order the Home Learning Program, contact the Linden Centers CLICK HERE

For immediate information or bookings please contact Jo Goodchild on +44 1562 732078

The photo at the top is of Bruce Willis by the way… Charles wants him to play him in the story of his life!


When it comes to reducing stress and anxiety, Charles Linden is the real deal. His book provides practical effective methods for reducing stress. Take advantage of it.
David Riklan - Founder -

Mr Linden, please let me tell you that, yet again, you have surpassed all expectations and produced another easy to use and massively effective guide. Thank you for being the only author of this kind of material that I have ever come across who has an unmatched insight into these disorders which you communicate with such wit and eloquence. BRILLIANT!
Alex Wooten

I found this book to be of great help to me. It is very well written and easy to understand,the advice and techniques it gave were very effective for me, it really changed my life around, i would strongly advise this book for anyone suffering from stress or other related problems. thank you Charles for writing the book.
I. Cook

I suffered with very high levels of stress and anxiety for many years and after trying every type of therapy available i had lost hope. My dad came across Charles Linden and after reading all of his stuff and putting it in to practice i have my life back and more! If you do suffer with any stress or anxiety you HAVE to read this book and the Linden Method, it will give you your life back as it did mine! Thank you Charles you’re an inspiration and I hope everyone gets to read your book and live stress free!
Anxiety Free

Great product which is useful for anyone who wants to reduce their stress levels. I particularly liked the visualisation exercises…not something I had done before, but really worthwhile and guaranteed to leave you feeling stress free. This would be a great book to take away on your summer holiday!
Lesley Johnson

I am long-time sufferer of anxiety and pure “O” — that’s pure obsessions. Nothing worked. Not even inpatient stays. But the Linden Method cured me. Or following his method allowed me to cure myself. To feel safe and that I could be in control of any moment. That I didn’t have to run or freak out. Charles, you deserve the highest praise from the mental health community. GOD BLESS YOU!!!
Reuven Wallack